Monday, October 26, 2009

992. Tv On the Radio - Desperate Youths, Blood Thirsty Babes (2004)

Track Listing

1. The Wrong Way
2. Staring At The Sun
3. Dreams
4. King Eternal
5. Ambulance
6. Poppy
7. Don't Love You
8. Bomb Yourself
9. Wear You Out


Hey 10 albums to go on the list! We can start a countdown now! When this is finished I'll take a couple of days to update old albums I didn't get to review because I couldn't find them then (there's two of them I think, and I've already got them) and then I'll get into reviewing the 20 new additions to the list in the 2008 edition.

And now for something truly alternative. While that label is more often than not used for bands which sound like other 3000 bands and therefore not alternative in the least, TV on the radio is truly something different.

It is hard to categorise because it is really innovative, and really good as well, fortunately. Kind of dark electronics are propelled forward by a great voice and good lyrics in a way that harks back to some 80s stuff like The The or XTC but definitely different enough to be hardly comparable and with a post-punk influence of the Pere Ubu kind which is hardly to be found in those groups, it is also very much from the 00s. Great album.

Track Highlights

1. Staring at the Sun
2. Dreams
3. Ambulance
4. The Wrong Way

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

The album was awarded the Shortlist Music Prize for 2004. It was released on CD, 12" vinyl and MP3 download formats. The CD is enhanced with two different quality Quicktime video files of the "Dreams" music video. The 12" features two records with the extra song "You Could Be Love" and a different track order from the CD.

Staring at the Sun:

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