Tuesday, October 20, 2009

986. N.E.R.D. - Fly Or Die (2004)

Track Listing

1. Don't Worry About It
2. Fly Or Die
3. Jump
4. Backseat Love
5. She Wants To Move
6. Breakout
7. Wonderful Place
8. Drill Sergeant
9. Thrasher
10. Maybe
11. The Way She Dances
12. Chariot Of Fire


Well what can one say about this album? It is quite fun and dancy, does a good job of marrying funk, rock, hip-hop and R&B which is pretty much what the whole album is all about. And it is entertaining.

This last point is the most relevant element about the album, although the music is quite well constructed and perfectly produced the most important thing here is really the album's entertainment value.

It is clearly directed for a segment of people with low attention span, however, instead of taking the easy route and just making the music sub-standard, because "Who Cares?", they put the effort in to make the music hooky throughout, harder and in the end more rewarding. Anyway still a really good album aimed at teens.

Track Listing

1. She Wants to Move
2. Maybe
3. Fly Or Die
4. Backseat Love

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

The band recorded its second album Fly or Die during 2003. The band actually learned the instruments needed to play the tunes, so they could perform live. As Chad Hugo told MTV News on December 9, 2003, "We're the ones playing the instruments live this time. I just started playing guitar last year so I'm learning as we go. Pharrell's playing drums. Last time, (on In Search Of...) we didn't have time to learn certain instruments so we got Spymob to help us out."

She Wants To Move:

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