Friday, October 16, 2009

983. Devendra Banhart - Rejoicing in the Hands (2004)

Track Listing

1. This Is The Way
2. It's A Sight To Behold
3. The Body Breaks
4. Poughkeepsie
5. Dogs They Make Up The Dark
6. Will Is My Friend
7. This Beard Is For Siobhan
8. See Saw
9. Tit Smoking In The Temple Of Artesan Mimicry
10. Rejoicing In The Hands
11. Fall
12. Todo Los Dolores
13. When The Sun Shone On Vetiver
14. There Was The Sun
15. Insect Eyes
16. Autumn's Child


Davendra has something of Bert Jansch, something of Nick Drake, something of Vashti Bunyan (who he collaborates with in the strangely reminiscent of early Rod Stewart title track) but then he also has something if himself, a kind of nervous singing more reminiscent of the Velvet Underground than any other folksy bands.

This is what makes him the most original thing appearing in the alternative folk scene since the 1970s, reinvigorating the whole musical style and leading many people to dig up others.

I know this happened to me after my first encounter with Devendra, I owe him my love for Nick Drake and Vashti Bunyan. He is very much not afraid to acknowledge his influences and in this way he has given new life to musicians which were almost forgotten in the early 2000s. And his music is pretty nifty too.

Track Highlights

1. This Beard Is For Siobhan
2. Tit Smoking In The Temple Of Artesan Mimicry
3. This Is The Way
4. Will is my Friend

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

The music review online magazine Pitchfork placed Rejoicing in the Hands at number 193 on their list of top 200 albums of the 2000s.

This Beard is for Siobhan:

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