Wednesday, October 21, 2009

987. Beta Band - Heroes to Zeros (2004)

Track Listing

1. Assessment
2. Space
3. Lion Thief
4. Easy
5. Wonderful
6. Troubles
7. Out-Side
8. Space Beatle
9. Rhododendron
10. Liquid Bird
11. Simple
12. Pure For


Unfortunately for me the only great Beta Band album is the three EP's. Well it is not really an album but a handy collection of the first three EP's by the Beta Band where they really made their best music.

This is unfortunate for two reasons: first it means they did not get any better as time went on. But also because there is no 3 EP's on this list of album only markedly inferior offering from a band which too in love with its own blandness to do anything exciting.

So the album is perfectly listenable, it is nice stuff, reminds me a bit of Super Furry Animals and Belle and Sebastian but worse than those two because they are boringer. So this is not terrible music by any account but it is also supremely unexciting even if full of promise... oh well.

Track Highlights

1. Assessment
2. Lion Thief
3. Wonderful
4. Rhododendron

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

The cover illustration was created by comic book writer and artist Kaare Andrews.

The Beta Band logo for the album was created by comic book artist Dave McCaig, later to be reused on The Best of the Beta Band.


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