Thursday, October 22, 2009

988. Ozomatli - Street Signs (2004)

Track Listing

1. Believe
2. Love & Hope
3. Street Signs
4. (Who Discovered) America?
5. Who's To Blame
6. Te Estoy Buscando
7. Saturday Night
8. Dejame En Paz
9. Santiago
10. Ya Viene El Sol
11. Dona Isabella
12. Nadie Te Tira
13. Cuando Canto


I think that when it comes to what the people who made this list think of as being "world music" they are somewhat uncritical. Ozomatli is a perfect example of this. Just because a hip-hop band has some elements from Latin and Eastern music does not make it any good.

The whole album ends up sounding pretty cheap, often like music you might listen to in a cruise ship disco in the south of Spain. Tacky party music with political pretensions which are lost in the fact that it is a bit shit.

So yeah it's crap.

Track Highlights

1. It all
2. grates
3. on
4. my nerves.

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

This album won the Latin Grammy Award for Best Alternative Music Album at the Latin Grammy Awards of 2005.

Better live than on the album:

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