Sunday, August 24, 2008

670. Pixies - Bossanova (1990)

Track Listing

1. Cecilia Ann
2. Velouria
3. Is She Weird
4. All Over The World
5. Down To The Well
6. Blown Away
7. Stormy Weather
8. Rock Music
9. Allison
10. Ana
11. Dig For Fire
12. Happening
13. Hang Wire
14. Havalina


How does a band follow Surfer Rosa and Doolittle? With a lot of difficulty. It is hard to blame Bossanova for not being as good as the previous albums, because they were superhumanly good. This one is just very good.

Yes, it is a very good album but it cannot beat its amazing predecessors, still some tracks here like Velouria, Dig For Fire and Is She Weird are among the best Pixies tracks.

It is a pity that one of the greatest assets of the Pixies is missing a bit from the album, the amazing Kim Deal had started the Breeders at this time and had less time for the Pixies, actually it is a pity that Title TK and Pod are not included in this list, as the Breeders are pretty amazing. Oh well.

Track Highlights

1. Velouria
2. Is She Weird
3. Dig For Fire
4. Havalina

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

All of Bossanova's original material was written by the band's frontman Black Francis; it marked the point where his artistic control over the band became absolute. The album's sound, inspired by surf and space rock, complements its lyrical focus on outer space, which references subjects such as aliens and unidentified flying objects.

Because of 4AD's independent status, major label Elektra Records handled distribution in the United States; however, Bossanova only reached #70 on the Billboard 200. It charted significantly higher in the United Kingdom, reaching #3 in the Albums Chart. Two singles were released from Bossanova, "Velouria" and "Dig for Fire"; both charted highly on the U.S. Modern Rock Tracks chart.

Velouria, such an anti-video video:

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