Saturday, August 16, 2008

662. Jungle Brothers - Done By The forces Of Nature (1989)

Track Listing

1. Beyond This World
2. Feeling Alright
3. Sunshine
4. What U Waitin' 4
5. U Make Me Sweat
6. Acknowledge Your Own History
7. Belly Dancin' Dina
8. Good Newz Comin'
9. Done By The Forces Of Nature
10. Beeds On A String
11. Tribe Vibes
12. J Beez Comin' Through
13. Black Woman
14. In Dayz 2 Come
15. Doin' Our Own Dang
16. Kool Accordin' 2 A Jungle Brother


The Jungle Brothers are a part of the same collective as De La Soul, Tribe Called Quest and Queen Latifah, and you can tell. Still the three artists maintain quite different sounds while sharing influences, as a collective should. These guys are pretty cool.

There is a different in outlook from De La Soul, this album is much more focused on Afrocentric politics rather than squirrels, but it really belongs next to Three Feet High and Rising as a great 1989 alternative rap album.

The Jungle Brothers use a huge number of samples, and uncharacteristically take a lot from Jazz and World Music giving the album a different flavour and giving the band a particular originality. So, yeah, pretty great.

Track Highlights

1. Tribe Vibes
2. Doing Our Own Dang
3. Black Woman
4. Done By The Forces Of Nature

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

Rolling Stone gave the album four stars, claiming that the Jungle Brothers "don't lose a shred of their deftness by quoting the Bible, bad-mouthing drugs or espousing vegetarianism. Their joyously Afrocentric message comes through loud and proud – their idea of heaven is a two-month paid vacation in the motherland." The Face, New Musical Express, and the Village Voice all placed Done by the Forces of Nature on their best-of list for the year more awards and details. In 1998, the album was selected as one of The Source Magazine's 100 Best Rap Albums.

Doing Our Own Dang:


Anonymous said...

happy hip hop has always been the best. Its such a shame it never took off the way its angry cousin did.

This album along with 3 feet and the quest albums... oh and the arrested development one coming soon are all excellent

Francisco Silva said...

Tommy: So true!