Wednesday, August 20, 2008

666. Deee-Lite - World Clique (1990)

Track Listing

1. Good Beat
2. Power Of Love
3. Try Me On...I'm Very You
4. Smile On
5. What Is Love
6. World Clique
7. ESP
8. Groove Is In The Heart
9. Who Was That
10. Deep Ending


Well this is a fun album, it isn't 'high-art' but it is not attempting to be that, it's light, bubbly, fun dance music. There is nothing wrong with that if that is all you are trying to do.

Then the album has a particularly great track in Groove Is In The Heart, their greatest hit and for a very good reason. Deee-Lite mix soul, funk, hip hop and dance music like no one else before but like plenty afterwards.

Does it sound a bit dated? Sure. Is it extremely fun nonetheless? Definitely. Is it great music? Not really, but it isn't bad. It's quirky, a bit brainless and enjoyable, that all you want from dance music anyway.

Track Highlights

1. Groove Is In The Heart
2. Good Beat
3. Who Was That
4. Deep Ending

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

Guest artists on the album include Bootsy Collins ("Try Me On... I'm Very You," "Smile On," "Groove is in the Heart," and "Who Was That?"), Q-Tip ("Groove Is in the Heart"), Fred Wesley and Maceo Parker (Try Me On... I'm Very You," "Smile On," "Groove is in the Heart").

Groove Is in the Heart:


Anonymous said...

I swear to God she is hotter than hell in that video. It's a damn shame she got old.

Anonymous said...

Hola. I don´t know what happened on your list but this should be number 666 on the list?

¿que extra├▒o?

Francisco Silva said...

You are right anonymous... I made a mistake all the way back in 610... I'll fix it.