Tuesday, August 19, 2008

665. The Shamen - En-Tact (1990)

Track Listing

1. Move Any Mountain
2. Human NRG (Massey)
3. Possible Worlds
4. Omega Amigo
5. Evil Is Even [Edit]
6. Hyperreal Orbit
7. Lightspan
8. Make It Mine
9. Oxygen Restriction
10. Hear Me
11. 666 Edit
12. Make It Minimal
13. Hyperreal Selector
14. Lightspan Soundwave
15. Progen 91 (I.R.P. In the Land of Oz)


Yes, well, it is more dance music, but there is a definite 90s feel to this, more so than 808 State. You can tell from the people that compose Shamen what this is more like, with people such as Paul Oakenfold, William Orbit and Orbital there is a more ambient, rather than rave feel to this.

That said it is still pretty much informed by ravey, Ibiza style music, but some songs more than others, this variety also makes the album superior to 808 State, it does not sound as dated as that one, even if it is quite dated itself, like most dance music really.

This isn't necessarily something I want to listen to again, it is very much music of its time, even if there isn't anything particularly wrong with it, It just hasn't stood the test of time that well.

Track Highlights

1. Omaga Amigo
2. Make It Mine
3. Hyperreal Orbit
4. Possible Worlds

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

Their third album, En-Tact, was released in 1990, and it spawned the hit singles "Move Any Mountain (Progen '91)", "Hyperreal" and "Make It Mine". Also notable was the appearance of rapper and DJ Mr. C (real name Richard West), as well as incorporation of a female vocal talent, Plavka Lonich - who was intended to become focal point of the group. The transformation into a successful rave act was complete.

Make It Mine:

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