Wednesday, August 06, 2008

652. 808 State - 808: 90 (1989)

Track Listing

1. Magical Dream
2. Ancodia
3. Cobra Bora
4. Pacific 202
5. Donkey Doctor
6. 808080808
7. Sunrise
8. Fat Shadow


Time has done absolutely no favours to this particular album, it sounds extremely dated and it sounds so much like the stuff you would hear on a night out in the early to mid 90s that it becomes boring.

This kind of dance music has saturated the ears of everyone who was around for the 90s, but if we try to listen to it with fresh ears there are some not bad tracks, and the stand-out is definitely Pacific 202.

Other than that particular track, there is nothing particularly worthy here, it is however an historical album and pretty representative of the Ibiza influenced stuff going on in the very late 80s in Manchester. Not particularly interesting, but historical.

Track Highlights

1. Pacific 202
2. Anaconda
3. Donkey Doctor
4. The Fat Shadow

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

It was released in the US as Utd. State 90, without "The Fat Shadow," but with other bonus tracks.

Video for Pacific 202, ecstasy optional:

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Anonymous said...

Holy shit. That song sounds like something you would see in one of those company training videos. I cannot imagine a whole album of that.