Monday, August 18, 2008

664. Cocteau Twins - Heaven Or Las Vegas (1990)

Track Listing

1. Cherry coloured funk
2. Pitch the baby
3. Iceblink luck
4. Fifty fifty clown
5. Heaven or Las Vegas
6. I wear your ring
7. Fotzepolitic
8. Wolf in the breast
9. River road and rail
10. Frou frou foxes in the midsummer fires


Welcome to the 90s! I think we were all getting tired of the 80s, so this is a good thing. Now, this isn't an album that particularly screams 90s, but it also does not scream any other period, the Cocteau Twins' originality makes it something else.

I first got this album some 9 years ago, and I really didn't rate it that much, much preferring Treasure. Now my tastes have clearly changed because I really liked this album. The Twins are going in a more pop direction, instead of being completely otherworldly, and this ends up making a really consistently good album. Less of a hit and miss as Treasure.

Some tracks here are simply heart-achingly beautiful, others are just great, but never mediocre or even just good. The whole thing is a bit too different from most music to be able to be appreciated easily with just one listen through, but 3 or 4 will convert you, so do it.

Track Highlights

1. Frou frou foxes in the midsummer fires
2. Heaven or Las Vegas
3. Cherry coloured funk
4. I wear your ring

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

In terms of chart positions, it is the most successful Cocteau Twins album - reaching no.7 in the UK. The album is noteworthy for the musical evolution the band was showing at the time. The lyrics of vocalist Elizabeth Fraser are more intelligible; many of them concern her newborn daughter Lucy Belle. Guitarist Robin Guthrie was experiencing problems with drug addiction, and as a result of his decreased time in the studio, bassist Simon Raymonde's playing is more in the forefront.

Despite 4AD label president Ivo Watts-Russell proclaiming that this LP was one of the best releases ever on his label, he released the Twins from their contract at the end of 1990, as his relationship with the band had soured.

Heaven Or Las Vegas:

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Matthew said...

4AD is pretty much done on this list, huh? Only one more Pixies album, and then nothing left from them.

Shame, Red House Painters always deserve more attention then they've gotten.