Tuesday, August 12, 2008

658. Fugazi - Repeater (1989)

Track Listing

1. Turnover
2. Repeater
3. Brendan No 1
4. Merchandise
5. Blueprint
6. Sieve Fisted Find
7. Greed
8. Two Beats Off
9. Styrofoam
10. Reprovisional
11. Shut The Door


In the course of time we saw the evolution of punk through proto-punk, punk, post-punk, hardcore and now we get to post-hardcore with Fugazi. And what does post-hardcore sound like? It has pretty much the same relation to hardcore as post-punk had with punk, the attitude is still there, if slightly toned down and the music is better, the melodies more complex.

So who better than Ian McKaye, formerly of Minor Threat to bring us into this new music? Very few people, that's who. And in the end the album is not perfect, some of it is a bit preachy, a bit shouty, and when you add the two it sounds like someone is preaching by shouting, which isn't particularly pleasant.

But I have to doff my hat to the rest of the band, some of the songs are really quite catchy, complex and appraoch a level similar to the Minutemen, in fact post-hardcore sounds very much like the Minutemen now that I think about it, but with more shouting. Oh well, can't always be original.

Track Highlights

1. Shut The Door
2. Repeater
3. Turnover
4. Styrofoam

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

Repeater is the debut full-length album by the post-hardcore band Fugazi. It was released in January 1990 as Repeater on LP, and in March 1990 on CD bundled with the "3 Songs" single as Repeater + 3 Songs. It is their debut full-length album as 13 Songs is a compilation of the band's first two EPs Fugazi and Margin Walker.

Shut The Door:

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