Saturday, August 02, 2008

648. Neneh Cherry - Raw Like Sushi (1989)

Track Listing

1. Buffalo Stance
2. Manchild
3. Kisses On The Wind
4. Inna City Mamma
5. Next Generation
6. Love Ghetto
7. Heart
8. Phoney Ladies
9. Outre Risque Locomotive
10. So Here I Come


OK, so Sweden has a lot to answer for in terms of music, Neneh is thankfully not as bad as Ace of Base or Abba, but still it isn't that amazing. Granted, her lyrics are better than Queen Latifah's, but her rapping is piss poor.

Most 80s pop really doesn't stand up to scrutiny and this is yet another example of that. OK the lyrics are confessional, there's a couple of not bad track, but it is just pretty unimpressive.

So yes, Swedish rap... not that amazing.

Track Highlights

1. Buffalo Stance
2. Manchild
3. So Here I Come
4. Kisses On The Wind

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

Many members of her family are musicians or artists.

* Her mother is the noted painter and textile artist Moki Cherry.

* Her father is the African-Swedish musician Amadu Jah. A Sierra Leonean percussionist drummer.

* Her stepfather, Don Cherry, was an influential jazz musician.

* Her half-brother Eagle-Eye Cherry is also a musician of some international fame.

* Her sister Titiyo Jah is a successful Swedish singer.

* Her half-brother Cherno Jah is a music producer and dj based in Stockholm.

* Her half sister Jan Cherry is a violinist.

* Her half brother David Ornette Cherry is a Jazz musician based in the US.

* Neneh also has a half sibling named Christian Cherry.

* Her stepson Marlon Roudette fronts the British duo Mattafix.

* Her goddaughter is British TV presenter Miquita Oliver who is the daughter of former Rip Rig & Panic lead Andrea Oliver.

Most beautifullest video for Buffalo Stance:


Anonymous said...

This should be "Raw Like Sushi", not "Raw Like Sherry".

Francisco Silva said...

Lanar: And that is a cautionary tale against drinking. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

No probs - I hope it was worth it.

By the way - what kind of a family is that to be involved in? Pressure to achieve much?

I knew about her Dad, obviously, and her brother, but look at the rest!

On a side note, I actually saw Don Cherry in the late 80s when I was a university with percussion from Nana Vasconcelos - I think he's Brazilian so you might well have heard of him as I know your love of Brazilian music). I'd never heard of him, just liked the poster and thought Jazz might be cool to get into.

It blew me away!

Francisco Silva said...

Lanark: Yeah, Nana Vasconcelos is quite good indeed. He had a group with Don Cherry called Codona, maybe it was that you saw>