Saturday, August 22, 2009

939. The Beta Band - Hot Shots II (2001)

Track Listing

1. Squares
2. Al Sharp
3. Human Being
4. Gone
5. Dragon
6. Broke
7. Quiet
8. Alleged
9. Life
10. Eclipse


Anything you might think about The Beta Band does not take away from the fact that they are true originals, this is really hard to categorise music. Some kind of psychedelic-electro-indie-rock.

There is some kind of attempt to be Syd Barret-era Pink FLoyd for the 21st century. In that sense it is actually quite successful, quirky, interesting but in the end does not blow me away... much like Syd didn't.

So it is definitely an album that I recommend listening to, as it is quite interesting. However it is not an album that I will particularly cherish. It's fun but not all that.

Track Highlights

1. Eclipse
2. Human Being
3. Al Sharp
4. Squares

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

Not to be confused with Hot Shots! Part Deux.

Being Human:

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Rod McBan said...

I have Three EPs, and it's nice, but it's a little too much like extended remixes of the ballads from Rubber Soul to be really interesting. This one sounds a bit more fun.