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919. Mike Ladd - Welcome to the Afterfuture (2000)

Track Listing

1. 5000 miles west of the future
2. Airwave hysteria
3. Planet 10
4. Takes no more than 41
5. Bladerunners
6. No.1 street
7. To the moon's contractor
8. I feel like 100 dollars
9. The Animist
10. Red eye to jupiter (starship nigga)
11. Welcome to the afterfuture
12. Wipe out on the wave of armageddon
13. Feb.4'99 (for all those killed by cops)


Slightly more interesting than yesterday's album is Mike Ladd's Welcome to the Afterfuture. Peppered with cultured references this is a good kind of alternative hip-hop. Unfortunately there isn't much joy to it.

Full of interesting dark electronica and jazzy moods the album works pretty well but it just doesn't "pop" as much as it should. So it is a bit so-so with me. I can, however, recognise a bunch of qualities to it.

So yeah a good album full of interesting stuff that just didn't works for me. I can't quite put my finger on why not but it just didn't. Sometimes it happens. Some of the tracks here are, however, pretty nifty, give it a go.

Track Highlights

1. 5000 Miles West of the Future
2. Planet 10
3. To The Moon's Contractor
4. Airwave Hysteria

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

Mike Ladd is a hip-hop MC and producer. As an MC, he practices spoken-word and is known for his poetic lyrics. As a producer, he is known as the owner of the Likemadd label.

Airwave Hysteria:

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