Sunday, August 30, 2009

947. The Bees - Sunshine Hit Me (2002)

Track Listing

1. Punchbag
2. Angryman
3. No Trophy
4. Binnel Bay
5. Sunshine
6. A Minha Menina
7. This Town
8. Sweet Like A Champion
9. Lying In The Snow
10. Zia
11. Sky Holds The Sun


So we come to the last decent album before a couple of stinkers and so I am sad to see it go, however not distraught. The album is fun sunny indie stuff, it's alright, but not much more than that.

My biggest problem and biggest joy in this album arise from the same song. A Minha Menina, a cover version of the great track from Os Mutantes is both admirable in having awoken an interest in one of the most innovative bands of the sixties and crap. Crap because it is not nearly as good as the original and the Portuguese in the chorus is horribly mangled, which, depending on my mood is either funny or rage-inducing.

The rest of the album is stuff that kind of reminds me of The Coral without ever being as interesting. Still for an album recorded by two guys in a garden shed in the Isle of Wight it is pretty good. So, fun, summery, retro, heh.

Track Highlights

1. Punchbag
2. Zia
3. Sky Holds The Sun
4. Angryman

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

At the time when the album was recorded the band only comprised Paul Butler and Aaron Fletcher, who wrote, performed and recorded the album alone using a home studio in Butler's parent's garden. Both Butler and Fletcher had been notables on the Isle of Wight local scene for a while, performing in local indie/electronic outfits Pnu Riff and, more recently, the Exploding Thumbs. Butler had also guested on several other island albums, including some by Max Brennan.

some guys made a video for Punchbag:

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