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927. The Avalanches - Since I Left You (2000)

Track Listin

1. Since I Left You
2. Stay Another Season
3. Radio
4. Two Hearts In 3/4 Time
5. Avalanche Rock
6. Flight Tonight
7. Close To You
8. Diners Only
9. A Different Feeling
10. Electricity
11. Tonight
12. Pablo's Cruise
13. Frontier Psychiatrist
14. Etoh
15. Summer Crane
16. Little Journey
17. Live At Dominoes
18. Extra Kings


The Avalanches bring us a fun, original and pretty nifty album. A collection of extremely interesting musical collages which not only bring new relevance to the material they derive them from but make for a very enjoyable album.

So this is one I thoroughly recommend, the album is not perfect, there are moments where it flags slightly but with tracks like Frontier Psychiatrist and Since I Left You it is a hard album to dislike.

If you add to this the fact that they make some of the best videos around and that
they used around 3500 vinyls to do it you can;t help but really enjoy this at all kinds of levels. So thumbs up!

Track Highlights

1. Frontier Psychiatrist
2. Since I Left You
3. Live At Dominoes
4. Radio

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

Initial overseas versions of the album had some samples removed. Current pressings have most of these samples back in place. The Avalanches also became the first act to get permission from Madonna to sample her work.

Frontier Psychiatrist:

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