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946. Ms. Dynamite - A Little Deeper (2002)

Track Listing

1. Natural High (Interlude)
2. Dy-Na-Mi-Tee
3. Anyway U Want It (feat Keon Bryce)
4. Put Him Out
5. Brother
6. It Takes More
7. Sick 'n' Tired
8. Afraid 2 Fly
9. Watch Over Them
10. Seed Will Grow (feat. Kymani Marley)
11. Krazy Krush
12. Now U Want My Love
13. Too Experienced
14. Gotta Let U Know
15. All I Ever
16. A Lil Deeper / Get Up Stand Up


Here's a whole musical genre represented by one single album on the list. The genre of UK Garage was one of the most ludicrous musical happenings of the early 00's. Fortunately by 2005 it was pretty much over. Like in most genres, however, there good things to come out of them, and Ms. Dynamite was one of them.

Coming out of the incredibly bad So Solid Crew, Ms. Dynamite showed herself to be more mature and smarter by powers of 10 than her former mates. This doesn't mean this is a great album, but it is pretty good one, particularly taking into account its background.

Ms. Dynamite successfully makes a slightly Americanised R&B/UK Garage album which manages to have some pretty good tracks as well as being much more hard hitting lyrically than anything done by comparable artists across the pond. I mean Destiny's Child sound like prudish Amish stay at home wives next to her.

Track Highlights

1. It Takes More
2. Dy-Na-Mi-Tee
3. Sick 'n' Tired
4. A Lil Deeper / Get Up Stand Up

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

Ms Dynamite was born and raised in Archway, a district in North London, to a Scottish mother and a Jamaican father. She grew up listening to reggae and hip hop music. Though she wanted to become a schoolteacher or social worker, her biggest aspiration was to be a musician. She is the eldest of eleven siblings, one of whom is a grime artist known as Akala, and attended Acland Burghley School in Tufnell Park.

It Takes More:

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