Thursday, November 20, 2008

739. The Afghan Whigs - Gentlemen (1993)

Track Listing

1. If I Were Going
2. Gentlemen
3. Be Sweet
4. Debonair
5. When We Two Parted
6. Fountain And Fairfax
7. What Jail Is Like
8. My Curse
9. Now You Know
10. I Keep Coming Back
11. Brother Woodrow/Closing Prayer


The Afghan Whigs give us a perfectly nice album, which is clearly influenced by Grunge as much as by soul and R&B. This makes for an interesting mix at times, but I really don't think they reach their full potential here.

In theory the album is quite a bit better than in practice. It just doesn't sound that exciting... anyway I think that happens often with what are supposedly "cutting edge" bands in the 90s. This might simply be a result of over-exposure to the musical style and the never-ending rip-offs.

I know that the Afghan Whigs have a big cult following, this usually means one of two things, they are genuinely amazing and so original that their time, or any time, wasn't ready for them or they might just be sub-par. The Afghan Whigs fall somewhere between the two... at times they are very unimpressive and at other times you really think their stuff deserves a wider audience... depends on the track.

Track Highlights

1. Be Sweet
2. Gentlemen
3. What Jail Is Like
4. Brother Woodrow/Closing Prayer

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

The Afghan Whigs signed to a major label, Elektra Records, and in 1993 released another album, Gentlemen. Although the singles “Debonair” and “Gentlemen” were fairly popular, the album failed to launch the band into the mainstream.

Beside regular appearances on MTV's playlists, their track "Fountain and Fairfax" also appeared on the television series My So-Called Life in 1994


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