Wednesday, November 05, 2008

726. Ministry - Psalm 69 (1992)

Track Listing

1. NWO
2. Just One Fix
3. TV II
4. Hero
5. Jesus Built My Hotrod
6. Scarecrow
7. Psalm 69
8. Corrosion
9. Grace


This review is being written a bit later than usual because I spent last night watching and celebrating the fact that for the first time in the 21st century there is a reason to be proud of American politics. So yay!

This is actually a good album to review at what seems to be the end of the Bush dynasty, as this album is unflinchingly critical of Bush Sr. Ministry give us a quite interesting album of industrial metal, which is immediately more interesting in terms of sound than most other metal albums around this time.

The music is well crafted, the lyrics are interesting, some of the music is actually pretty inspired, be it the rockabilly metal of
Jesus Built My Hotrod or the sound collage of NWO. Again this is an album influenced by Aleister Crowley, like much of the output of Can and Led Zeppelin, it seems like no religious figure was more influential on good and innovative music. That being said the album gets a bit tiring after repeated listening, being more interesting than appealing, but something to check out.

Track Highlights

1. Jesus Built My Hotrod
2. NWO
3. TV II
4. Psalm 69

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

The title of the album is directly linked to chapter 69 of The Book of Lies, a written work of Aleister Crowley, where he uses the expression "The way to succeed and the way to suck eggs" as a pun for the 69 sex position ("suck seed" and "suck eggs"). Moreover, Crowley titled the chapter ΚΕΦΑΛΗ, which means "head" (the English word being slang for Oral sex - but not the original ancient Greek word) and is used often in the New Testament. There is no direct link to the Old Testament passage Psalm 69.

Jesus Built My Hotrod:

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