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728. Ice Cube - The Predator (1992)

Track Listing

1. The First Day of School
2. When Will They Shoot?
3. I'm Scared (Insert)
4. Wicked
5. Now I Gotta Wet'cha
6. The Predator
7. It Was A Good Day
8. We Had To Tear This Up
9. Fuck 'Em
10. Dirty Mack
11. Don't Trust Em
12. Gangsta's Fairy Tale 2
13. Check Yo Self
14. Who Got The Camera
15. Integration
16. Say Hi to the Bad Guy


More not particularly distinguished hip-hop on the list. Ice Cube brings us something slightly different for West Coast hip-hop, using a mix of g-funk and Public Enemy style production. In fact the album is a bit derivative of Public Enemy without ever reaching the same levels of quality.

These similarities are present in the thumping on many of the tracks as well as the use of spoken word samples, the g-funk influence is present in the frequent use of P-Funk samples. In the end it is better than Dr. Dre's The Chronic, there is a certain righteous anger to it which works in its favour, but even that pales next to the much earlier Public Enemy albums. And the sampling is soooooo unoriginal.

So, I was not overly impressed by this. It is perfectly listenable, it is not contemptible in any major way, but it is also humourless, derivative and, at times, boring.

Track Highlights

1. When Will They Shoot
2. Wicked
3. Dirty Mack
4. Check Yo Self

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

It spawned three hit singles: the famous "It Was A Good Day", which was a big hit in March 1993, "Check Yo Self" and "Wicked" (which was later covered by nu-metal band Korn). Both the album and single version of "Check Yo Self" include an appearance from Das EFX, with the latter utilising a sample of Grandmaster Flash's "The Message". "Check Yo Self" received continious radio and MTV play. The song certainly got a boost from the old school resurgence that was happening at the time and it also further popularized the trend.


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