Saturday, November 08, 2008

729. Pantera - Vulgar Display of Power (1992)

Track Listing

1. Mouth For War
2. New Level
3. Walk
4. Fucking Hostile
5. This Love
6. Rise
7. No Good (Attack The Radical)
8. Live In A Hole
9. Regular People (Conceit)
10. By Demons Be Driven
11. Hollow


Oh well... more crappy metal. Why must the list punish me with these things. I thought the crappy metal age had started and finished with the 80, but there are clearly some atavistic throwbacks still dragging their knuckles here.

So they are a bit slower, which is to say inspired by Black Sabbath... can't these people be inspired by anyone new? At least Ministry is coming from somewhere different.

So yeah Pantera is boring, samey, not particularly original metal. Why this is on the list? Your guess is as good as mine. I presume some waist-length-haired, no-girlfriend, unwashed, obese reader who just happens to be wearing a Pantera t-shirt will let me know. Please do.

Track Highlights

1. A New Level
2. Hollow
3. Living In a Hole
4. Mouth For War

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

Entertainment Weekly (3/6/92, p.59) - " of the most satisfying heavy metal records since Metallica's early-80s cult days...11 caustic songs of unabashed brute force...a fully realized album that goes way beyond metal's usual crunch-and-burn." - Rating: A

So... the best crap since the last steaming pile of it.

Here are Pantera playing A New Level in my wife's home town:

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Anonymous said...

As I'm fond of putting it, both Pantera and The Smiths have songs titled "Cemetary Gates". One is sung by a whiny, annoying twerp, and the other is sung by Morrissey.