Saturday, November 15, 2008

734. Suede - Suede (1993)

Track Listing

1. So Young
2. Animal Nitrate
3. She's Not Dead
4. Moving
5. Pantomine Horse
6. Drowners
7. Sleeping Pills
8. Breakdown
9. Metal Mickey
10. Animal Lover
11. Next Life


There is one word for this album... derivative. From both David Bowie (the piano on the first track is an almost direct lift from
Aladdin Sane) and Morrissey (the modulations in the singing are almost identical in Moving for example). In the end it is never more than the sum of its parts... and because those parts are not original it becomes less that it's influences.

This is not to say that the album is not perfectly inoffensive, because it is. It's fine to listen to, quite catchy, quite fun... all of that, but it is also supremely unoriginal.

Of course this lack of originality would lead to the development of a lot of the Brit-pop movement and because of that it has also not aged particularly well. It is perfectly nice, but a bit uninspired and unoriginal... meh.

Track Highlights

1. Metal Mickey
2. The Next Life
3. Animal Nitrate
4. Pantomime Horse

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

The album's gender-ambiguous cover art provoked some controversy in the press, prompting Suede frontman Brett Anderson to comment, "I'm not really interested in being controversial. If we wanted to be controversial we'd have called the album I Fuck Dogs."

Metal Mickey at TOTP:

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