Tuesday, November 04, 2008

725. Stereo MCs - Connected (1992)

Track Listing

1. Connected
2. Ground Level
3. Everything
4. Sketch
5. Fade Away
6. All Night Long
7. Step It Up
8. Playing With Fire
9. Pressure
10. Chicken Shake
11. Creation
12. The End


Sorry people, I should have said something, but I've been in Amsterdam for the past few days, hence the hiatus. Now I am back, with the last bits of a lovely food poisoning and the flu! So bear with me.

Stereo MCs... another one of those bands who have dated terribly since the early 90s. This is very time specific music, which is not to say that it is bad, just a bit outmoded by now. That said there are some quite cool tracks here, in a very British type of music, in this case a mix of trip-hop and hip-hop, but very distinct from the American tradition.

In the end this is an album that is perfectly listenable, however, not necessarily an album that you would want to listen to that often now, unless you have a nostalgia attack and feel like bringing the early 90s back.

Track Highlights

1. Step It Up
2. Connected
3. Creation
4. Playing With Fire

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

Connected is a 1992 album by Stereo MCs. The tracks "Connected", "Ground Level", "Step It Up" and "Creation" became hit singles; "Connected" was particularly famous for its use in adverts for the Carphone Warehouse.

In 2000 Q magazine placed Connected at number 52 in its list of the 100 Greatest British Albums Ever.

Fan of Thomas the Tank Engine, Mr. Men, Pingu and the Stereo MCs? Then this is the video for YOU!:

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