Tuesday, November 18, 2008

737. The Auteurs - New Wave (1993)

Track Listing

1. Show Girl
2. Bailed Out
3. American Guitars
4. Junk Shop Clothes
5. Don't Trust the Stars
6. Starstruck
7. How Could I Be Wrong
8. Housebreaker
9. Valet Parking
10. Idiot Brother
11. Early Years
12. Home Again


Here we have another one of those formative albums in the development of Brit-pop that is coming just around the bend. And this one is better than Suede's self-titled effort.

I can't say that this album is homogeneously good, but there are enough good to great tracks here to push it up a notch. Again the influence of glam-rock is very obvious, albeit in an updated version, in fact some of the tracks here seem like they could have come from the soundtrack to Velvet Goldmine.

Interestingly this album was never a big sales success, which goes to show that people are stupid. They chose to give Suede the place that was rightfully this album's.
New Wave's influence has been recognised later and it has fortunately, now, achieved the place of a classic that it deserves... well at least in the context of early Brit-pop.

Track Highlights

1. Bailout
2. Junk Shop Clothes
3. Valet Parking
4. How Could I Be Wrong

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

New Wave (1993), was nominated for a Mercury Music Prize and saw The Auteurs associated with the emerging Britpop genre.

However this association never sat well with Haines who frequently made derogatory remarks about his peers. After New Wave, the band remained on the fringes of the music scene.

Show Girl:

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