Tuesday, February 23, 2010

1085 - Mojo 98. Kaleidoscope - Tangerine Dream (1967)

Track Listing

1. Kaleidoscope
2. Please Excuse My Face
3. Dive Into Yesterday
4. Mr Small
5. Flight From Ashiya
6. Murder Of Lewis Tollani
7. Further Reflections In The Room Of Percussion
8. Dear Nellie Goodrich
9. Holiday Maker
10. Lesson Perhaps
11. Sky Children


More Psychedelia on the list, this time a British band. The British were, interestingly, never as good on pure Psychedelia as the Americans, although their pop was brilliantly infused with it.

As such Kaleidoscope is a poppier psych than what you might be used to, but it is still good stuff, even if it is not as edgy as some American bands we've had here before. There are however amazingly beautiful moments here.

Take Dive Into Yesterday for example which starts just like Maps by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and goes on to be a beautiful psych song, or Kaleidoscope, also a great track. Unfortunately there seems to be some filler here, all of it good but not all of it great.

Track Highlights

1. Dive Into Yesterday
2. Kaleidoscope
3. Holiday Maker
4. Sky Children

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

Though not as popular as the U.S. Kaleidoscope, this British band was also a band from the psychedelic movement with moderate domestic success, and just enough international exposure to have this album recognized in the genre's catalogue and regarded as one of the best in the same.

Now sought by collectors and highly acclaimed by critics and fans this album has been musically compared to Nirvana's "Story of Simon Simopath" and Pink Floyd's "Piper at the Gates of Dawn".

Peter Daltrey, lead singer of the band was asked about the lyrics and the music of the album, and he wrote the following statement in the album's sleeve notes:

"The collective subject of our songs is simple, life and people. We have written our songs about you. Happy people, sad people, lovely people and a few confused people. We have written of the children, of the king and his queen, and we have also included a few words about ourselves, about our lives, about our loves and about our dreams".

Dive Into Yesterday:

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