Wednesday, February 17, 2010

1080 - Mojo 89. The Thirteenth Floor Elevators - Easter Everywhere (1967)

Track Listing

1. Slip Inside This House
2. Slide Machine
3. She Lives (In a Time of Her Own)
4. Nobody to Love
5. It's All over Now, Baby Blue
6. Earthquake
7. Dust
8. I've Got Levitation
9. I Had to Tell You
10. Pictures (Leave Your Body Behind)


One of the great discoveries of the 1001 albums list was precisely this band, with their previous album The Psychedelic Sounds of... This album, although not as earth-shattering as their previous effort, clearly builds on a very solid base into a more polished and professional sounding album.

This quality of sound here makes it more accessible and actually more beautiful, but does make it lose some of its great charm. Now, interestingly this kind of evens out the album. The thing is full of pretty brilliant tracks some of which sound amazingly before their time as is the case of Dust, which wouldn't be out of place on some 90's underground act.

Other highlight include the gargantuan first track and the beautiful cover of It's All Over Now Baby Blue or Nobody to Love, in fact none of the tracks on the album is anything less than essential. The whole album is still suffused with the weird sounds of the electric jug which makes the Elevator's sound so instantly recognisable, and at the same time so fascinating. Another masterpiece.

Track Highlights

1. Dust
2. Slip Inside This House
3. It's All Over Now Baby Blue
4. Nobody to Love

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

In 2009, the original mono version and a new, alternate stereo version were released as part of the "Sign of the 3-Eyed Men" box set. Both versions featured different bonus tracks, some that were previously unreleased. The mono version contains missing electric jug overdubs on some tracks that the stereo mix does not have.


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