Thursday, February 11, 2010

1076 - Mojo 84. West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - Part One (1967)

Track Listing

1. Shifting Sands
2. I Won't Hurt You
3. 1906
4. Help, I'm A Rock
5. Will You Walk With Me
6. Transparent Day
7. Leiyla
8. Here's Where You Belong
9. If You Want This Love
10. 'Scuse Me Miss Rose
11. High Goin'


So an eccentric rich man wants in on the groupie-action, so he proceeds to found a band so he can play the tambourine on stage, and to bank on the druggie hippie/freak pussy he decides to make it a psych band.

And the results are interesting despite all of this. Somewhere between Country Joe and the Fish and Zappa it is good music which, nonetheless sounds slightly fake. It would never be a band that would last for a long time, and it didn't, but there are some fun moments to have here.

Interestingly they are at their best not in their strangest moments but actually in their prettiest moments like Transparent Day, their version of Help I'm a Rock falls short of the original and a lot of it is just gratuitously weird, but there are really beautiful moments here which make listening to this a worthwhile experience.

Track Highlights

1. Transparent Day
2. High Goin'
3. I Won't Hurt You
4. Will You Walk With Me

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

Their first "proper" album, "Part One", ranged from anthemic pop songs and acoustic ballads to harder-edged psychedelic numbers. It reflected the tensions between the band’s musicians and Markley, who effectively controlled the band’s output but who was regarded by the others as musically untalented. Markley contributed rambling pseudo-psychedelic lyrics and spoken sections, and the album also included ill-assorted inputs from nominal co-producer Jimmy Bowen, songwriters Baker Knight and P.F. Sloan, drummer Hal Blaine and pianist Van Dyke Parks. Disputes between Markley and Michael Lloyd also led to the inclusion of guitarist Ron Morgan (1945–1989), who over time became a fully fledged member of the band.

I Won't Hurt You:

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