Sunday, February 21, 2010

1083 - Mojo 92. The Hollies - Butterfly (1967)

Track Listing

1. Dear Eloise
2. Away Away Away
3. Maker
4. Pegasus
5. Would You Believe
6. Wishyouawish
7. Postcard
8. Charlie And Fred
9. Try It
10. Elevated Observations
11. Step Inside
12. Butterfly


The Hollies show up with what is clearly a lighter touch to the whole psych movement. The Hollies are of course a pop band, but here there is truly a feel that they could have been much more, particularly if they had let Nash run free.

Well Nash would go on to great things and the Hollies would go on to be immensely popular with the obligatory inverse proportionality of quality and success. As it stands this album is a nice slice of psych.

The problem with the album might be that it is just too nice, with Pegasus, Butterfly etc. etc. you can see the hippie fairy territory we are dealing with. However, not just in theme but also sound, there is deep potential for twee hipster rehab of this album. Look into it if you are one of those annoying types.

Track Highlights

1. Pegasus
2. Dear Eloise
3. Butterfly
4. Would You Believe

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

Butterfly is the second of two 1967 albums by The Hollies. It was also the last new Hollies album to feature Graham Nash until 1983's What Goes Around. This, like its predecessors For Certain Because and Evolution, featured songs written solely by Allan Clarke, Graham Nash, and Tony Hicks.


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