Thursday, February 25, 2010

1087 - Mojo 99. The Moody Blues - Days of Future Passed (1967)

Track Listing

1. The Day Begins
2. Dawn: Dawn Is A Feeling
3. The Morning: Another Morning
4. Lunch Break: Peak Hour
5. The Afternoon
6. Evening
7. Nights In White Satin (The Night)


Well this is a strange little album coming along in 1967. Of course everyone will know Nights in White Satin, but the album it is included in is without a doubt the direct predecessor of prog.

As such it is an album full of excesses, with a full orchestra doing orchestral interludes throughout in the style of Gershwinesque suites, among these are what sounds like fully formed prog tracks.

This is a concept album turning around a day in the life of Moody Blue, there was nothing like this around, the sounds are completely 70s. However, it is as pretentious as you would assume any prog album to be, but as such it is also a load of kitsch fun that I can't help but love.

Track Highlights

1. Nights in White Satin
2. The Day Begins
3. Dawn: Dawn is a Feeling
4. The Afternoon

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

The project was almost doomed to failure as executives at Deram Records felt that combining rock and symphonic music would both alienate rock fans and enrage symphonic fans. The album's subsequent success led to other criticism about implied drug use, especially with such lines as "the smell of grass just makes you pass into a dream" and "those gentle voices I hear explain it all with a sigh." Despite such early criticism, Days of Future Passed paved the way for progressive offerings from other bands and remains one of the Moody Blues' most popular releases ever.

Nights in White Satin:

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