Friday, February 12, 2010

1077 - Mojo 85. The Electric Prunes - Underground (1967)

Track Listing

1. The Great Banana Hoax
2. Children Of Rain
3. Wind-Up Toys
4. Antique Doll
5. It's Not Fair
6. I Happen To Love You
7. Dr. Do-Good
8. I
9. Hideaway
10. Big City
11. Captain Glory
12. Long Day's Flight


So another interesting psych album on the list and even if it is not the best thing to ever have happened to the genre it is a quite competent outing with a couple of truly great tracks.

In comparison to the other album of them I know, which was previously on the list a long, long time ago, Had Too Much To Dream Last Night, this sounds overall like an improvement, while that album did not have much going for it except the title track, this is an overall good album.

Weirder than their previous album it is also more interesting without falling too much on the worse excesses of psych. The great highlight of the album is the first track, with a great guitar solo transmuting from an organ chord.

Track Highlights

1. The Great Banana Hoax
2. Antique Doll
3. Hideaway
4. It's Not Fair

Final Grade



This is the second of three albums they had out in 1967!

Still alive! Playing the Great Banana Hoax in 2008:

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Kyle said...

Wow, great album. I was really lucky and got to interview The Electric Prunes once. You can check it out at