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1086 - Mojo Special 16. U-Roy - Your Ace From Space (1969-70)

Track Listing

1. Tide Is High - The Paragons, , U-Roy,
2. On the Beach - The Paragons, , U-Roy,
3. Flashing My Whip - The Paragons, , U-Roy,
4. Wear You to the Ball - The Paragons, , U-Roy,
5. Happy Go Lucky Girl - The Paragons, , U-Roy,
6. Same Song - The Paragons, , U-Roy,
7. Merry Go Round - John Holt, U-Roy,
8. Drive Her Home - Hopeton Lewis, , U-Roy,
9. Tom Drunk - Hopeton Lewis, , U-Roy,
10. Rock Away - The Melodians, , U-Roy,
11. Super Boss - The Melodians, , U-Roy,
12. Everybody Bawlin' - The Melodians, , U-Roy,
13. Version Galore - The Melodians, , U-Roy,
14. Words of Wisdom - U-Roy,
15. My Girl - The Techniques, The Techniques, U-Roy,
16. Rule of the Nation - U-Roy,
17. Ain't That Loving You - Alton Ellis, , U-Roy,
18. Wake the Town - U-Roy,
19. Hot Pot - U-Roy,
20. Peace and Love in the Ghetto - The Jamaicans, , U-Roy,
21. Things You Say You Love - The Jamaicans, , U-Roy,
22. Treasure Isle Skank - U-Roy,
23. True Confessions - The Silvertones, U-Roy,
24. Do It Right - The Three Tops, U-Roy,
25. True True - Ken Parker, , U-Roy,
26. Big Boy and Teacher - U-Roy,
27. Behold - U-Roy,
28. Don't Stay Away - Phyllis Dillon, , U-Roy,
29. Honey Come Forward - U-Roy,
30. Your Ace from Space - U-Roy,


So U-Roy is here prefiguring much of the music that would come to be in the Anglo-Saxon world much later in the late 80s and up until now. So U-Roy takes a previuosly recorded Rock Steady track and talks/sings his way over it.

Whether you like it or not, here would hardly be a Puff Daddy today if it wasn't for the success of U-Roy's style of MCing, called toasting. That being said, while it might work in the context of a party it is sometimes slightly boring and repetitive.

Throughout the three days I listened to this album I went around the house saying "Yeah Yeah" in the very particular way U-Roy does it about 500 times in the album. It was fun, but I am actually quite glad this album is going on its merry way.

Track Highlights

1. Tide Is High
2. Your Ace From Space
3. Rock Away
4. Wake The Town

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

Calling himself, “your ace from outer space”, U-Roy revolutionized the musical style of reggae in 1969. Even though U-Roy was not the first microphone artist, he was the first to gain recognition through recording this style. U-Roy popularized and gained a wider audience for “toasting”; rapping over “versions” of popular songs remixed by dub music pioneer King Tubby. This style of vocals was a major influence on the early rap scene (Disco/Electro/Break Beat) and the later American hip-hop movement. Considered one of Jamaica's first Deejay stars, "U-Roy raised the art of toasting to new heights. He didn't just spit a few phrases here and there, he rode the riddim from the starting gate to the last furlong". U-Roy working with Duke Reid created a "version" of the Paragon’s “Wear You to the Ball” which became the first "toast" record to make an impact in 1969.

Rock Away:

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