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786. Foo Fighters - Foo Fighters (1995)

Track Listing

1. This Is A Call
2. I'll Stick Around
3. Big Me
4. Alone + Easy Target
5. Good Grief
6. Floaty
7. Weenie Beenie
8. Oh, George
9. For All The Cows
10. X-Static
11. Wattershed
12. Exhausted


So Cobain is dead, and bucking the cliché that drummers are terrible musicians Dave Grohl publishes an album where everything is done by him. He writes, composes and plays every fucking instrument in this album in what is a pretty impressive display of talent.

And it is an impressive display because the album is actually really good, and it isn't just using the Nirvana formula, although there is an obvious influence. The album veers closer to a pop sensibility,Grohl is a cheerier sort of fellow, and that is actually pretty good.

Avoiding the maudlin content of Nirvana, Grohl gives us a varied collection of music, from the great pop of Big Me to the harder than Nirvana I'll Stick Around to the noise of Wattershed, and all the tracks work great. Nifty!

Track Highlights

1. Big Me
2. This Is a Call
3. Exhausted
4. For All the Cows

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

Nearly all of the album's instrumental parts are performed by Dave Grohl. (The lone exception is a guitar part on "X-Static" provided by Afghan Whigs member Greg Dulli, with whom Grohl had performed as part of an all-star band on the 1994 Backbeat soundtrack.)

The gun featured on the cover is the "XZ-38 Disintegrator Pistol," which was originally released in 1935 as a tie-in toy for the Buck Rogers comic strip and radio show. The guns were originally manufactured by Daisy, best known for their line of youth BB guns, and today remain sought-after collector's items.

The cover was shot by Grohl's then-wife, photographer Jennifer Youngblood, and, like the name of his band, reflects his interest in science fiction.

Big Me:

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