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781. Orbital - Snivilisation (1994)

Track Listing

1. Forever
2. I Wish I Had Duck Feet
3. Sad But True
4. Crash And Carry
5. Science Friction
6. Philosophy By Numbers
7. Kein Trink Wasser
8. Quality Seconds
9. Are We Here ?
10. Attached


Well I don't really like Orbital that much, it is very dated and so on. But I've already said that so I'd be repeating myself. I did, however, like this album better than Orbital II.

The difference in this album is the fact that there is a new layer of meaning to the music, Orbital now have an axe to grind, the Tory draconian laws which were impeding Rave culture from being itself.

This gives an extra layer to the music, then there are interesting things like having Alison Goldfrapp doing guest vocals in two tracks. Even that does not update the album enough to sound anything other than a relic of the early 90s, unfortunately.

Track Highlights

1. Are We Here?
2. Sad But True
3. Kein Trink Wasser
4. Philosophy by Numbers

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

The band released the album at the time of the launch of the Criminal Justice Act. The legisation that gave British Police greater legal powers to break up unlicensed raves that gave Orbital its name.

A very Young Alison Goldfrapp in Are We Here?:

"Are We Here?" samples a part of "Man At C&A" by The Specials.

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