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778. Suede - Dog Man Star (1994)

Track Listing

1. Introducing The Band
2. We Are The Pigs
3. Heroïne
4. The Wild Ones
5. Daddy's Speeding
6. The Power
7. New Generation
8. This Hollywood Life
9. The 2 Of Us
10. Black Or Blue
11. The Asphalt World
12. Still Life


Well this is a big improvement since their last album. If the self-titled album sounded first and foremost derivative, here is sounds like they have learned how to use their influences to create something of their own.

This is a great thing for the simple reason that their influences are actually pretty good, but in this case they are not simply drawing from Glam, there is a more proggy feel to the arrangements of the album. At times this makes the album sound wonderfully tacky particularly when they are mixing Scott Walker into it.

This album is the fulfilment of the promise made in their previous one, they have finally found their own voice here, and that is a great thing. It is an album I like not only because it sounds like their influences but also because it is distinguishable from them.

Track Highlights

1. Still Life
2. Heroine
3. The Asphalt World
4. The 2 of Us

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

It was their last album to feature guitarist Bernard Butler, due to growing tensions between Butler and singer Brett Anderson ending with Butler leaving shortly before the album's completion.

The album was critically lauded and is considered a favourite among fans.

We Are The Pigs:

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