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775. Hole - Live Through This (1994)

Track Listing

1. Violet
2. Miss World
3. Plump
4. Asking For It
5. Jennifer's Body
6. Doll Parts
7. Credit In The Straight World
8. Softer, Softest
9. She Walks On Me
10. I Think That I Would Die
11. Gutless
12. Rock Star


I really like Courtney Love. I like her as a singer, as a character, as a person and as a sexy lady, in a very strange double-baggy way. And no, I don't think she killed Kurt Cobain. And I really like this album as well.

Fortunately Hole has never had the overexposure of Nirvana, and in a way I like listening to this better than I do Nevermind, for example, it sounds fierce, original and fun, and despite clear Nirvana influences here, quite original.

Every single track in this album is pretty great, the pace never lets down, Courtney screams her way through it like the crazy Banshee that she is and the songs are all very catchy. In fact I think Hole perfected the start-stop technique by Nirvana in this album. The lyrics are also great, and it is at times creepy how prescient they are about Cobain's demise, which would come just four days after the album's release.

Track Highlights

1. Violet
2. Doll Parts
3. Rock Star
4. Jennifer's Body

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

Included in Rolling Stone's Essential Recordings of the 90's

Ranked #2 in the Village Voice's 1993 Pazz & Jop Critics Poll.

Ranked #6 in Spin Magazine's 90 Greatest Albums of the '90s.

Voted Best Album in Rolling Stone's 1995 Critic's Poll.

Included on Jon Pareles' (New York Times) list of the Top 10 Albums Of '94

Ranked #1 in Spin's list of the `20 Best Albums Of '94'

Ranked #1 in the Village Voice's 1994 Pazz & Jop Critics' Poll

Ranked #9 in Spin's Best Albums since 1985

Ranked #12 in NME's list of the Top 50 Albums Of 1994.


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