Sunday, October 12, 2008

706. Teenage Fanclub - Bandwagonesque (1991)

Track Listing

1. The concept
2. Satan
3. December
4. What you do to me
5. I don't know
6. Star sign
7. Metal baby
8. Pet rock
9. Sidewinder
10. Alcoholiday
11. Guiding star
12. Is this music?


When this album came out Teenage Fanclub were derided as being derivative and unoriginal by the same people that would some time later be sucking Oasis' fat one. That to me is just one of those ironies of destiny... Teenage Fanclub were indeed being derivative and unoriginal but they were ahead of their time in being so!

At least Fanclub's derivativeness is more interesting than that of Oasis, they at least get more than one band's influence, and none of them are as painfully obvious as the Beatles. There is Byrds here and Todd Rundgren but in a nicely updated way.

So in the end, even with the fact that this is borrowing a lot from the past I liked this album, it is at least refreshingly different from what else was going on at the time. I don't know if I can forgive them, however, for starting the whole Brit-Pop trend which created more crap than good albums.

Track Highlights

1. The Concept
2. Star Sign
3. Metal Baby
4. Is This Music?

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

The cover is designed by Sharon Fitzgerald. When Kiss member Gene Simmons (who trademarked a moneybag logo) was made aware of the record he sent a letter to Geffen Records - who in turn gave in and sent Mr. Simmons a cheque, according to Simmons audiobook Sex Money Kiss. In 2006 the album was performed live in its entirety as part of the All Tomorrow's Parties-curated Don't Look Back series.

The Concept:


Anonymous said...

You can't blame them for Britpop! That was the fault of Suede and Blur (and later Oasis). Teenage Fanclub were just doing their own thing, albeit one that owed a huge debt to The Byrds and Big Star.

Anonymous said...

man! I just found out they released an updated version of the book like they did with the movie list!

do you think you could post a blog with the new additions and submissions? I would appreciate it greatly seeing as it cost over a hundred dollars to order one and get it shipped to Argentina!

Francisco Silva said...

Anon: When I finish this list I will get an updated version of the book and resume the list. But until then I won't be getting a new version.

When I get the new version I will make a post saying what has been removed and then will start doing the new albums as they show up chronologically.

Ian said...

There's not that much added to the end of the book. Had a look at it yesterday. I work in a bookshop so I can do a proper comparison in a lunchbreak next week.

Ones I remember are "In Rainbows", "Sound of Silver", "Black Holes And Revelations", M.I.A., Klaxons, Christina Aguilera. I'll do a proper list next week.