Thursday, October 23, 2008

717. k. d. lang - Ingénue (1992)

Track Listing

1. Save Me
2. Mind Of Love
3. Miss Chatelaine
4. Wash Me Clean
5. So It Shall Be
6. Still Thrives This Love
7. Seasons Of Hollow Soul
8. Outside Myself
9. Tear Of Love's Recall
10. Constant Craving


Ms. lang had a busy year in 1992, making a big departure in musical terms and coming out of the closet. Let's focus on the first part here, though, lang moves away from her Nashville roots here into something more singer-songwriter like, a mix between some kind of Western Cabaret and Joni Mitchell. It is good.

lang's writing is the best that she had ever done before, and probably would ever do again, the lyrics are more personal and intimate, smarter. Her voice is as great as ever, but the new musical direction permits her to do a more Joni Mitchell thing, there are moments here where it is actually difficult to tell the difference, particularly in
The Mind of Love.

We've been having a good streak of albums here later. You can thank Dr. Dre for fucking it up tomorrow, but then we are back to good things. If you are into female singer song-writers, you have exhausted all the good Joni Mitchell albums, want a bit more of a countrified flavour with beautiful orchestrations and arrangements, this is the album for you.

Track Highlights

1. Constant Craving
2. Still Thrives This Love
3. Miss Chatelaine
4. Save Me

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

The Rolling Stones later unwittingly used a refrain very similar to "Constant Craving"'s in their 1997 single "Anybody Seen My Baby?". After discovering this, they gave writing credits on that song to k.d. lang and Mink, shared with the original authors Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.

Constant Craving:

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