Monday, May 08, 2006

8. Buddy Holly and the Crickets - The "Chirping" Crickets (1957)

Track Listing

1. Oh Boy
2. Not Fade Away
3. You've Got Love
4. Maybe Baby
5. It's Too Late
6. Tell Me How
7. That'll Be The Day
8. I'm Looking For Someone To Love
9. Empty Cup (And A Broken Date)
10. Send Me Some Lovin'
11. Last Night
12. Rock Me Baby


Gods, what a cover! What a bunch of nerds. But what wonderful music they make. We are another year on, 1957 now, and this is definitely the best rock album to date. This was the only album that Buddy Holly had published during his lifetime and boy, is it good. The album consists of 12 very short songs, at around the 2 minute mark, making the album 20 something minutes. The very brevity of the songs is what makes them great. Basically they need little more than a catchy riff, catchy chorus and one or two lines of filler and you get the perfect r&b/rock song.

After you hear this you realise how shit Elvis was, he was doing crap before this and after, also Buddy Holly wrote most of the songs in this album, which gives him even more merit than the pre-made drivel that Elvis put out. I dislike Elvis, in case you haven't noticed, but frankly just get some of these songs and you'll know what I mean. Honestly, there isn't much that I can point at this album, particularly if you ignore Holly's private life, which in my opinion has no bearing on his music.

So, to summarise, a short, sweet album composed of a dozen of perfect little rock songs that deserves to be heard by everyone. Also I think it would be the first of all the albums I've reviewed until now that I would happily have in my ipod, and listen to it. It is available for streaming on Napster.

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Track Highlights

1. That'll Be The Day
2. Oh Boy!
3. Rock Me Baby
4. Maybe Baby

Final Grade



They were all members of the local chess and audiovisual club.

Holly invented Dungeons and Dragons on his fatal plane ride, but no one ever knew.

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too bad he never live to know Beatles he helped inspired.