Friday, May 26, 2006

25. Elvis Presley - Elvis is Back! (1960)

Track Listing

1. Make Me Know It
2. Fever
3. Girl Of My Best Friend
4. I Will Be Home Again
5. Dirty Dirty Feeling
6. Thrill Of Your Love
7. Soldier Boy
8. Such A Night
9. It Feels So Right
10. Girl Next Door
11. Like A Baby
12. Reconsider Baby


Well you should already know that I hate Elvis. With a passion. This however might just be his best album, which is frankly not saying much, but it is quite listenable. It has some good songs and well performed. Nonetheless nothing in this album except for Fever is that memorable, and Fever is only memorable because you already know it.

Well, you'll see this album often containing the famous tracks Are You Lonesome Tonight and It's Now or Never, and even the 1001 Albums book mentions them. Actually none of them are a part of the album, as they were released as singles and only put in the album in modern CD re-releases. So the book is wrong yet again. It shows the correct track listing but reviews it with the singles added as bonus tracks in mind. But if you went out in 1960 and bought this album this track listing is what you would get. And frankly it's better this way, as the two singles are insuferable.

This album benefits from the fact that none of the songs in it, except Fever which didn't become famous because of Elvis, are that well known. The biggest problem with Elvis is his overratedness and my over-exposure to him. So this album is not phenomenal, but it did allow me to listen to Elvis differently because I didn't know most of the songs.

You can definitely tell that Elvis has evolved greatly since his self-titled album, in fact it's not Elvis who has evolved but his production. This album is much more lavishly produced than his previous ones which is at the same time a good and a bad thing. It sound more professional, but also more schmaltzy.

Anyway, probably the best Elvis experience I've ever had, but still a bit meh. Stream it from Napster or buy it from Amazon, US or UK

Track Highlights

1. Fever
2. Make Me Know It
3. The Girl of My Best Friend
4. Such a Night

Final Grade




Elvis has eaten the building.

Man, he was a twat.

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