Monday, October 27, 2008

721. Spiritualized - Lazer Guided Melodies (1992)

Track Listing

1. You know it's true
2. If I were with her now
3. I want you
4. Run
5. Smiles
6. Step into the breeze
7. Symphony space
8. Take your time
9. Shine a light
10. Angel sigh
11. Sway
12. 200 bars


Well think of Spacemen 3, not think about them even more doped up. You should have approximated the sound of Spiritualized. While
Playing with Fire explored the diverse influences of the band's members, this album just goes completely into the spacy thing.

I am talking about Spaceman 3 so much because this is the new project of Jason Pierce, and other previous members. Basically, Spiritualized, at least in this album, is a repackaged version of Spacemen 3.

The music is extremely laid back, like a mix of the more landscapy Tangerine Dream's tracks, circa
Phaedra, with an element of British pop. This makes for something quite good to have playing in the back ground, particularly while passing a Camberwell Carrot around.

Track Highlights

1. Angel Sigh
2. Shine A Light
3. I Want You
4. Sway

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

Initially released on CD and on two 45rpm vinyl LPs, the album has since been reissued on CD. Several CD editions of the album segue the twelve songs together into four (occasionally cross-faded) "suites", mimicking the double-vinyl listening experience. Some US versions, on BMG, have, since 1996, retained a skip on all copies, causing "Angel Sigh" to false-start after about one minute. This error is one of the longest-standing in the major-label CD era, at nine years and counting.

Shine a Light to images from 2001 Space Odyssey:


Lachlan Willis said...

This album is great, much better than Ladies and Gentlemen in my opinion, which always seems to garner more attention.

Ian said...

I remember when it came out, that it felt a bit patchy. In retrospect I think that was down to it following a handful of great singles. It almost felt like a compilation album, albeit with slightly less striking mixes.

Now 'Pure Phase' is the album I'd have in there.