Thursday, September 25, 2008

693. Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Blood Sugar Sex Magik (1991)

Track Listing

1. Power Of Equality
2. If You Have To Ask
3. Breaking The Girl
4. Funky Monks
5. Suck My Kiss
6. I Could Have Lied
7. Mellowship Slinky In B Major
8. Righteous And The Wicked
9. Give It Away
10. Blood Sugar Sex Magik
11. Under The Bridge
12. Naked In The Rain
13. Apache Rose Peacock
14. Greeting Song
15. My Lovely Man
16. Sir Psycho Sexy
17. They're Red Hot


The Red Hot Chilli Peppers really made it big with this album, in a tradition of slightly reggaefied rock from the West Coast that we have had here before with Faith No More and Fishbone. From this album it is quite easy to see why RHCP would make it bigger than these bands.

RHCP are not technically better than these bands, certainly not better than Faith no More, but they definitely have a wider appeal, and they manage to be proficient at all types of mainstream pop/rock music, from great ballads to sexual innuendo they do it all.

In this sense RHCP end up being a kind of later day Aerosmith, there's something here for everyone under 25, I am 26. However, their combined talents make this album a true classic and heads above any Aerosmith crap.

Track Highlights

1. Under The Bridge
2. Breaking the Girl
3. Give It Away
4. Suck My Kiss

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

Due to the success of "Give it Away", the band did not foresee "Under the Bridge" as being equally viable. Warner Bros. sent representatives to a Chili Peppers' concert in order to figure out what would ultimately be the next single. When Frusciante began playing "Under the Bridge", Kiedis missed his cue; the entire audience began singing the song, instead. Kiedis was initially "mortified that I had fucked up in front of Warner's people...I apologized for fucking up but they said 'Fucking up? Are you kidding me? When every single kid at the show sings a song, that's our next single." "Under the Bridge" was, therefore, selected as Blood Sugar Sex Magik's second single. By January 1992, "Under the Bridge" had exploded, peaking at number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Under the Bridge Live:


Anonymous said...

good to have you back man

Anonymous said...

welcome back man, how does it feel to be so missed?

Oh yeah, fuck you
(That's just so you dont feel too missed. I wouldn't want it to go to your head)

Francisco Silva said...

Lachlan: Thanks.

Tommy: Thanks, and thanks for the Fuck You... the little tear of emotion welling up in my eye just stormed back in and banged the door. This prevented me from looking unmanly in front of my wife.

Anonymous said...

You underrate so much Aerosmith man.
It irritates me.
I dont like the Beatles but i dont go out saying they were crap, cause i know they were big and lots of people think they are awesome.
Its just like that.

Anonymous said...

anytime man, I'd hate to have caused some sort emotional display... pfft emotions. so overrated. (How many f's does pfft have anyway?)

Anonymous's comparison of Aerosmith to the Beatles makes me die inside.

Anonymous said...

Aerosmith owns because Steven Tyler can unhinge his jaw and devour us.

Don't say anything bad!

Rod McBan said...

Only a little over a decade left!

Man, this is really impressive.