Friday, September 12, 2008

689. Julian Cope - Peggy Suicide (1991)

Track Listing

1. Pristeen
2. Double Vegetation
3. East Easy Rider
4. Promised Land
5. Hanging Out And Hung Up On The Line
6. Safesurfer
7. If You Loved Me At All
8. Drive, She Said
9. Soldier Blue
10. You...
11. Not Raving But Drowning
12. Head
13. Leperskin
14. Beautiful Love
15. Western Front 1992 C.E.
16. Hung Up And Hanging Out To Dry
17. The American Lite
18. Las Vegas Basement


This is an interesting album, if for nothing else for the simple variety of music that Julian Cope manages to produce here while still keeping his own distinctive style. He touches on so many genres that this could have gone badly wrong, but it didn't.

If you are expecting more Teardrop Explodes you will probably disappointed, but it is just as good, there are still some traces of the post-punk/goth thing particularly in Cope's vocals and delivery, but the music is a kaleidoscope of styles.

It is actually Cope's presence that consolidates the album into a coherent whole, it stops it from sounding like a good compilation and gives it the sense of albumness. It should definitely be heard and if you can only get one track make it

Track Highlights

1. Safesurfer
2. Hanging Out And Hung Up On The Line
3. If You Loved Me At All
4. The American Lite

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

Julian Cope is into big stones:

1998 saw the release of the widely-acclaimed bestseller The Modern Antiquarian, a large and comprehensive full-colour 448-page work detailing stone circles and other ancient monuments of prehistoric Britain, which sold out of its first edition of 20,000 in its first month of publication and was accompanied by a BBC Two documentary. The Times called the book: "A ripping good read ... it is deeply impressive ... ancient history: the new rock 'n' roll." The Independent called it: "A unique blend of information, observation, personal experience and opinion which is as unlike the normal run of archaeology books as you can imagine." The historian Ronald Hutton went further, calling the book: "the best popular guide to Neolithic and Bronze Age monuments for half a century." The Modern Antiquarian was followed in 2004 with an even larger 484-page study of similar monuments across Europe entitled The Megalithic European, the most extensive study of European megalithic sites to date.

Here's Part 1 of Julian Cope's documentary on Megalithic Britain:

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