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694. Ice-T - OG Original Gangster (1991)

Track Listing

1. Home of the Bodybag
2. First Impression
3. Ziplock
4. Mic Contract
5. Mind over Matter
6. New Jack Hustler
7. Ed
8. Bitches 2
9. Straight Up Nigga
10. O.G. Original Gangster
11. The House
12. Evil E-What About Sex?
13. Fly By
14. Midnight
15. Fried Chicken
16. M.V.P.s
17. Lifestyles of the Rich and Infamous
18. Body Count
19. Prepared to Die
20. Escape from the Killing Fields
21. Street Killer
22. Pulse of the Rhyme
23. The Tower
24. Ya Shoulda Killed Me Last Year


So here is a little more typical West Coast Rap, bitches, money, guns and drugs... well maybe it is not so typical, in fact it is a little better. Firstly the album covers quite a number of subjects beyond just the typical ones, and then it does it in quite smart ways.

The best thing about the album is probably its humour, which is mostly present in the spoken pieces, Ice-T is a pretty funny guy, even if it isn't the most intellectual of humour. You will often chuckle through the album, and will sometimes be stricken by some clever play.

A good example of this clever play is the song Street Killer, what seems to be a gangster bragging about his crimes quickly turns out to being a cop bragging about his feats, we are not so different after all. Heh. Another noticeable quality to the album is Ice-T's love of rock music, while this works perfectly with the best song in the album, Midnight, it works less well with Body Count, a shameless plug of his new hardcore band. I can't believe I actually bought the self-titled Body Count album for a friend's birthday when I was a kid.

Track Highlights

1. Midnight
2. O.G. Original Gangster
3. New Jack Hustler
4. Street Killer

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

The album was ranked at #25 in Melody Maker's list of the top 30 albums of 1991, and was featured in The Source's 100 Best Rap Album. and the book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die.

Rolling Stone (6/13/91) - 4 Stars - Excellent - "Ice-T has forged a flexible, hyperliterate style that sacrifices none of hiphop's rhythmic momentum...his slice-of-street-life stories and badass parables offer a fascinating glimpse into a half-hidden world."

Melody Maker (12/91) - "...tight, intelligent and matchless musically."


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