Wednesday, September 10, 2008

687. Crowded House - Woodface (1991)

Track Listing

1. Chocolate Cake
2. It's Only Natural
3. Fall At Your Feet
4. Tall Trees
5. Weather With You
6. Whispers And Moans
7. Four Seasons In One Day
8. There Goes God
9. Fame Is
10. All I Ask
11. As Sure As I Am
12. Italian Plastic
13. She Goes On
14. How Will You Go


Ah! New Zealand's best... and the best album by them. Really if you like Crowded House, or you liked Split Enz before them, this is the essential album to have. Crowded House is in that vein of smart pop/rock that brought us Lloyd Cole and a number of bands from Scotland.

I really like it, it is not that challenging or anything, but it is smart, witty and has a couple of pretty great tracks, catchy music with brains. This is a rare thing, a good pop album which has had thought put behind it.

It might at times sounds a bit like generic 90s music, but that is partly because they helped define it, with their slightly retro Beatles influence and literate lyrics. A really good album in general and a truly great album in its genre.

Track Highlights

1. Four Seasons In One Day
2. Weather With You
3. Fall At Your Feet
4. Chocolate Cake

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

"Chocolate Cake" was released as the first single, and it sealed the fate of the band in America. The song was a humorous comment on American excesses. It failed to make the US singles chart. The album's second single, "Fall At Your Feet" fared a little better, but with lost momentum for the band it only reached #75.

The album sold well internationally. The immense success of this album particularly in the UK prompted the Queen in June 1993 to bestow the OBE upon Tim and Neil for their contribution to the music of New Zealand.

If you wonder why Chocolate Cake wasn't a hit in the US listen to the lyrics:

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