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1066 - Mojo Special 11. Ella Fitzgerald, Peggy Lee - Pete Kelly's Blues OST

Track Listing

1. Oh Didn't He Ramble
2. Sugar
3. Somebody Loves Me
4. I'm Gonna Meet My Sweetie Now
5. I Never Knew
6. Bye Bye Blackbird
7. What Can I Say After I Say I'm Sorry
8. He Needs Me
9. Sing A Rainbow
10. Hard Hearted Hannah
11. Ella Hums The Blues
12. Pete Kelly's Blues
13. Opening / Narration
14. Smiles
15. Intro to 'Sweetie' I'm Gonna Get My Sweetie Now
16. Intro to 'Sorry' What Can I Say After I Say I'm Sorry
17. Intro to 'Breezin' Breezin' Along With The Breeze
18. Intro to 'Ramble' Oh Didn't He Ramble
19. Intro to 'Sugar' Sugar
20. Intro to 'I Never Knew' I Never Knew
21. Intro to 'Somebody' Somebody Loves Me
22. Intro to 'Hannah' Hard Hearted Hannah
23. Intro to 'Blackbird' Bye Bye Blackbird
24. Intro to 'Pete Kelly's Blues'


As often happens with soundtracks it is actually quite hard to find one definite version of the soundtrack. The track listing up there is not in the same order as the one I listened to, even if the tracks are the same. In my version the instrumental bits with voice intro which make up the second half are spread between the Peggy Lee/Ella sung tracks at the beginning.

It is this interesting mix between vocal jazz and big band instrumentals which makes the album quite good. The version present in the Mojo collection only has the Peggy Lee/ Ella tracks and so I think it lacks quite a bit when compared to the extended versions of the soundtrack.

All this being said we've already had substantially better albums on this list by both Ella and Peggy making this slightly superfluous. The Big Band stuff here is interesting but not as amazing as what we had on the Glenn Miller Story OST for example, so even if this album is a joy to listen to I would not consider it essential.

Track Highlights

1. Somebody Loves Me
2. Sugar
3. Didn't He Ramble
4. Bye Bye Blackbird

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

Matty Matlock and His All Stars supplied the music for Pete Kelly and His Big Seven: Dick Cathcart, trumpet; Moe Schneider, trombone; Matty Matlock, clarinet; Eddie Miller, tenor sax; Ray Sherman, piano; George Van Eps, guitar; Jud DeNaut, bass; and Nick Fatool, drums. In addition to the official 1955 soundtrack recording, this group, with several variations, did several other recordings: On Pete Kelly's Blues there are "announcements by Jack Webb." Pete Kelly at Home (1957) substitutes Jack Chaney on tenor sax and Abe Lincoln on trombone. Pete Kelly Lets His Hair Down (1958), an album produced by Webb, only retained Van Eps and Schneider from the original group. Songs from Pete Kelly's Blues (1955) is not a soundtrack but studio recordings by Peggy Lee and Ella Fitzgerald, then both signed to Decca Records, of songs they performed in the film.

Pete Kelly's Blues :

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