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1062 - Mojo Special 10. Prince Buster - Prince Buster Fabulous Greatest Hits (1960-1966)

Track Listing

1. Madness
2. Al Capone
3. Wash Wash
4. God Son
5. It's Burke's Law
6. Ten Commandments
7. Blackhead Chinaman
8. Thirty Pieces Of Silver
9. Hard Man Fe Dead
10. Earthquake
11. Judge Dread
12. Ghost Dance
13. Take It Easy
14. Too Hot
15. My Girl
16. This Is A Hold Up
17. Shaking Up Orange Street
18. Big 5
19. Rough Rider
20. Wreck A Pum Pum
21. Julie On My Mind
22. Pharaoh House Crash
23. Tie The Donkey's Tail
24. Finger


With Prince Buster Ska is moving rapidly into Rock Steady but what catches your attention immediately here is not only the great music but the randiness of the lyrics, something unlike anything else in the 60s.

You listen to Big 5 for the first tame and you do a double take, I actually had to put the song back on from the beginning because I couldn't belive just how dirty the whole thing was, seeing as it is followed by Rough Rider and Wreck a Pum Pum (one of the few songs about fucking to the tune of Little Drummer Boy) you realise that Prince Buster was in a completely different context than other anglophone music.

Still it isn't just raunchiness that makes the music great, it is the music itself. Madness gave name to the eponymous band and is a great song indeed. There is very much a move from the previous R&B inspired music into a much more local flavour here, references... Buster was doing the drugs and bitches thing long before anyone else, in such a way that many of the tracks are actually pretty offensive (Ten Commandments comes to mind). Great Stuff.

Track Highlights

1. Big 5
2. Madness
3. My Girl
4. Shaking Up Orange Street

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

He joined the Nation of Islam after meeting Muhammad Ali whilst on a tour of England in 1964.

The very NSFW Big 5:

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