Monday, January 25, 2010

1061 - Mojo 60. The Association - And Then...Along Comes (1966)

Track Listing

1. Enter The Young
2. Your Own Love
3. Don't Blame It On Me
4. Blistered
5. I'll Be Your Man
6. Along Comes Mary
7. Cherish
8. Standing Still
9. Message Of Our Love
10. Round Again
11. Remember
12. Changes


A somewhat tacky but also strangely interesting proto-psych rock album from the mid 60s. It sounds at the same time slightly ahead of its time, bringing to mind bands like Love while coming out the same year as Revolver and Pet Sounds which just sounds miles ahead of this.

The two big hits in this album (Along Comes Mary and Cherish) are both the least musically interesting track but also the catchiest ones, as pop singles they are actually pretty good, but as such they might have actually done the Association a disservice. Becoming known for those two tracks blinded many to the other stuff they had to offer.

So it was quite nice to listen to but not really that amazing, there is plenty of unrealised potential here... but never really goes beyond the pop structure of the tracks. In the end it is some interesting music sandwiching two great pop hits.

Track Highlights

1. Cherish
2. Along Comes Mary
3. I'll Be Your Man
4. Enter The Young

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

A song from the album, "Cherish", written by Kirkman, would become The Association's first #1 in September 1966.


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