Wednesday, January 27, 2010

1063 - Mojo 61. David Blue - David Blue (1966)

Track Listing

1. Gasman Won't Buy Your Love
2. About My Love
3. So Easy She Goes By
4. If Your Monkey Can't Get It
5. Midnight Through Morning
6. It Ain't The Rain That Sweeps The Highway Clean
7. Arcade Love Machine
8. Grand Hotel
9. Justine
10. I'd Like To Know
11. Street
12. It Takes Like Candy


Clearly influenced by both Folk, Rock a little bit of Jazz and particularly by Bob Dylan who was now going the path of electric folk, David Blue brings us a great album which belongs in the library of anyone interested in folk-rock.

Interestingly there is a feeling here in this album that the music is equally important to the lyrics, as such there is an almost proto-psychedelic exuberance in the instrumental bits, even if the whole thing is tinged with melancholy.

Somewhere between the Stones, Tim Buckley and Bob Dylan this is a pretty exciting album, David Blue is a very innovative songwriter and even if his background as one of Dylan's coterie is immediately apparent, the album is no less enjoyable for it.

Track Highlights

1. If Your Monkey Can't Get It
2. Gasman Won't Buy Your Love
3. It Ain't The Rain That Sweeps The Highway Clean
4. Justine

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From Wikipedia:

In 1975 Blue joined Dylan's Rolling Thunder Revue and he appeared in Renaldo and Clara, the 1978 movie that was filmed during that tour. Blue acted in other films including, The American Friend (directed by Wim Wenders, 1977), The Ordeal of Patty Hearst (a 1979 TV movie) and Human Highway (by Neil Young, 1982}.
He died of a heart attack when he was 41 years old, while jogging in Washington Square Park in New York City.

So Easy She Goes By, live:

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