Tuesday, January 12, 2010

1052 - Mojo 39. The Animals - The Animals (1964)

Track Listing

1. The Story Of Bo Diddley
2. Bury My Body
3. Dimples
4. I've Been Around
5. I'm In Love Again
6. The Girl Can't Help It
7. I'm Mad Again
8. She Said Yeah
9. The Right Time
10. Memphis Tennessee
11. Boom Boom
12. Around And Around


The Animals... the other British rock band of this time who will always live in the shadow of the Beatles and the Stones show themselves to be pretty good here even if not amazing.

Not as bubble-gum as the Beatles and not as aggressive as the Stones they stand somewhere in the middle while still retaining a certain edginess which sets them apart from their American counter-parts at the time.

The real stand out here is the story of Bo Diddley, unfortunately the UK release does not have their most famous single, The House of the Rising Sun which would be packaged into the album for the American release but it is still a solid if not too impressive collection of tracks.

Track Highlights

1. The Story of Bo Diddley
2. The Girl Can't Help It
3. Boom Boom
4. Dimples

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

The Animals is the Animals' UK debut album, released in 1964. It differed in contents from the group's U.S. debut album, the identically-titled The Animals.

Bo Diddley:

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